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by: mambo

During the whole testing and development program, the car was tested by top and average drivers to make sure it is not only fast but also easy to drive. The result at the IFMAR World Championship marks the perfect release date, as the car has proven to be competitive at the highest level of competition.


Completely new suspension design system
Separation of the roll and the heave dynamics, so these can be set-up separately for cornering and for bumps
Very low centre of gravity
Front and rear end share almost all parts
Inversed steering system for better control over Ackermann angle
Quick access and change of the damper units
Fast and easy one-screw ride height adjustment
Fast and easy spool and diff removal
New spool with blades and new gear differential
RRS system standard
Team Serpent is using the Project 4X car for over a year now and continued to develop this very new concept. In the last ETS races Viktor Wilck was able to make the A-mains in modified at the WC, EC and ETS races and showed very good speed and consistency. Designer David has requested some more average drivers to try his car and they were amazed how easy it was to go fast.

As the car is so new and different, Serpent will spend even more time to prepare information on assembly, set-up and maintenance of the Project 4X car, in text, images and video, to help you to learn and understand the concept and unleash its full potential faster. Although at first the Project 4X car looks a bit complicated, after some explaining, you will soon understand it’s actually quite simple and really easy to work with. But the main advantage is that it is very easy to drive and at the same time lightning fast. Innovation Performs. The Serpent Project 4X is here!


Seperate roll and heave motion in the car to make set-up easier and more precise
Roll and heave dampers are small, they need only small amounts of oil
Dampers include machined pistons for best possible consistency
All dampers are through rod piston systems so no membrane needed
Good selection of heave and roll springs
Anti-roll bar function integrated in roll damper/springs
Easy and fast to change / replace the whole damper units
Front and rear end are almost identical, so less spare parts needed
Pivotball suspension for simplicity and free movement
The Pivotballs are a lot smaller in diameter than in previous touringcars
Easy diff and spool removal
Extremely low center of gravity
Reversed steering system for better Ackermann geometry
No top deck needed (topdeck is available as optional for tough racing situations)
Center stiffener made of 7075 T6 aluminium for rigidness and anti-tweak, connecting the front and rear end
One piece motorholder which also connects to the center stiffener and the rear RRS system
Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard
Ballraced mid-shaft holders allow easy maintenance and changing of spurgears
Pullrod activated system with rockers to activate the dampers
Same heave damper front and rear which is mounted below the diff/spool just above the chassis for lowest possible center of gravity
New differential using new gears for even smoother functioning
Battery mounting system allows reposition the battery more front or rear
In case of shorty Lipos are used, the Lipo can be possitioned in 3 configurations
One screw ride-height adjustment from chassis side
Lightweight front aluminium spool with hardened steel outdrives to use blades
Carbon fibre chassis in 2mm as standard
DJC system in the front made out of spring-steel prevent wheelchatter and rear regular cvd’s made out of 7075 T6 aluminium save weight
One short and one longer kevlar reinforced drivebelt and supertrue running pulleys, midshaft pulleys made out of hard anodized aluminium for maximum durability



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