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Hello Everybody,

We are looking 2 admin for 2 forum :

One for the Aircraft Shed (All about aircrafts)
One for the Boats Harbor (Rc race boats and sailboats)
If you say YES i can do it , you can leave a message in the admin dialog box
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Race report by Thomas Musso:
The opening round of the French 1/8th E-buggy nationals was held at the indoor facility in Reims this past weekend. HB Racing's Thomas Musso would come out successful after the A-main from Xray's Jean-Pierrick Sartel in second and TLR's Jerome Sartel in third.
In qualifying, After 4 rounds of qualifying i take the TQ, after win 2 rounds and one second place, overall TQ in front of Vincent Meertens and Jean-Pierrick Sartel. It was a hard day because the moisture changed and the Clay compound was not the right compound for the 2 last qualifying, I changed clay compound for Super Soft and after the package was just amazing and easy for take the TQ.
Sunday it's final day, A1 was just horrible because the moisture changed again and all drivers sarted in Dirt compound for the first main but clay maybe was better, A2 track change again, the temperature up and Super Soft becomes again the perfect compound for the end of the 3 last final I won easily A2 A3 A4 for overall win !! Just behind me in second place Jean Pierrick Sartel and third Jerome Sartel. Also good job for Celian Rousset for the first A-main with his new HB E817 Orion powered.
Car, engine, Tyres were just amazing during this race I am very happy with the material and the setup which I managed to improve during the weekend. Thanks to all my sponsors for their help and support.

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