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Nicads, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium, LiPoly, Chargers, Cyclers, etc...
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by: crome

What is Lipo Battery?

Lipo Battery, after finding the Nimh pillars and avatars provided by the great appreciation. Being light, being able to be produced in desired sizes, having high capacity and power, giving quick charge discharge is the reason to increase Lipo usage.

This advantage is not without disadvantage. It has disadvantages such as high price compared to NiMH battery, short charge / discharge life, risk of explosion, compliance with heavy instructions when charging and discharging.

What is the "S" and "P" value?

Different batteries are produced for different purposes in different combinations using Lipo battery cells. The "S" on the label indicates how many times the cell is connected in series. A lipo cell is at 3.7V. As the "S" value increases, the battery voltage increases. To explain a table;

1S Lipo = 1 Lipo Cell = 3.7V

2S Lipo = 2 Lipo Cell = 3.7V + 3.7V = 7.4V

3S Lipo = 3 Lipo Cell = 3.7V + 3.7V + 3.7V = 11.1V

This table shows 4S, 5S, 6S ....

In addition, there are lipo pillars connected in parallel. This is indicated by the "P" value. For example, a battery that reads 2S3P indicates that 3 packages with 2 cells are connected in parallel. The purpose of the parallel connection is to increase the capacity.


The mAh value indicates the capacity of the battery (milliampere / hour). If 1000 milliamps is pulled from a 1000 milliamps, the battery will completely discharge in 2 hours. If 2000 milliamper is withdrawn, it will completely discharge in 1 hour. As the value of mAh increases, the capacity will increase and your use of your agent will prolong.

What is the "C" value?

"C" represents the rate of discharge of the battery. It can be discharged 10 times faster than a battery capacity of 10C. The battery at 20C is 20 times, the battery at 30C is 30 times ... so on. As an example, a 2000mAh 10C capacitor can continuously draw up to 20 amps continuously. A maximum of 125 amperes can be continuously drawn from a 5000 mAh 25C coil. In general, the 25-30C rated battery will work, but if it is possible, it is beneficial to choose a battery with a higher C value.

Lipo Battery Usage

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the lipo pillars are very delicate pillars and should be used with care. Lipo battery usage is 80% usage rule. You only need to use up to 80% of a 3000mAh capacity battery, 2400mAh. When we consider it as a voltage, the lowest voltage of a lipo cell should be 3.7V. When the cell voltage is 4.2V, it means that the cell is completely full. Assuming we use a 2S battery, the battery is fully charged when the total voltage of the two players is 8.4V. At 7.4V, the battery is completely discharged and we do not recommend that you see this voltage. If we take the 80% rule, it should fall to a maximum of 3.74 volts.


How to Charge a Lipo Battery

We have briefly informed above about the voltages, and if they repeat, the lipo cell will be fully charged when reaching 4.2V and will be fully discharged when reaching 3.7V. We recommend that you use a computer charger to charge the Lipo battery. Turnigy Accucel-6, Imax B6 are widely used chargers. Each battery has its own charging conditions. As an example, if we charge 3S 5000 mAh psi, we should select 3S in Lipo balance mode and charge it by 80% of the capacity ie 4.0 Amperes. The chargers we mentioned have the feature of automatic charging cut-off. If you talk to the same battery, the charge will stop charging when the mAh reaches 5000 mAh. However, if the battery is not completely empty, the maximum voltage required for the 3S battery (4.2V * 3) will be charged at 12.6 volts by checking the voltage.

The advantage of charging in Lipo Balance mode is the separate charging process for each cell. In some cases, cells can have different voltage values. For example, 2S can be a cell 1. cell 3.9V 2. cell 4.15V, if we charge in normal mode cell 2 will be 4.2 when cell 1 will not yet be completed, worse still, cell 1 will try to bring it to 4.2 Voltage on cell 2 It will come out and damage the cell. That's why we charge each cell as needed by charging in balance mode.

If lipo batteries are not to be used for a long time, they should not be left completely full in empty area. The recommended voltage is 3.85 volts per cell. You can store your lipo packs at room temperature by charging them in Smart Chargers in Lipo Storage mode. You can store it near 0 degrees for a longer storage period.

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