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Hello Everybody,

We are looking 2 admin for 2 forum :

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by: mambo
Serpent Natrix 748 TQ 1/10 scale 4wd gaspowered 200mm car 4wd, belt-drive, new 748 gear-differentials front and rear, Centax TM clutch, new XLi 2-speed gearbox, 75cc tank, chassis 7075-T6, carbon radioplate and shocktowers, RCM-SS shocks, ball-raced anti-roll bars, fully adjustable. 2014-2015 Worlds TQ and Vice Champion


WC 2014 TQ and Vice-Champion

Key new features

Michael Salven as chief designer, developed new geardiffs for the Natrix, being a slightly different front and rear one, with new case, gears and sealing system, which make it really easy to assmeble and maintain. Another new feature is the lighter 2-speed gearxbox the XLi ( eXtra Low Inertia) with small adaptor, bell and shoes, but using same gears as before !

Wc 2014 Thailand

At the recent 2014 World Championship in Thailand, around 25 Serpent drivers were present and received these new parts already as WC gift, and used by most drivers rigth away. Qualifying went really well for Serpent with TQ for Dominic Greiner from Germany on his 1st ever WC attendance and in total 4 drivers (Greiner, Y-Sahahsi, T-Sahashi and Green) , in the top-10 with Serpent Natrix 748.

In the main final with Yuya and Dominic both a good chance for podium and victory, it was Yuya Sahahsi from Japan taking the Vice

Class: 200mm 1/10th Scale 200mm

Purpose: 200mm Touring Car Racer

Chassis: 3mm aluminum, 7075 aerospace quality, CNC machined

Suspension: Independent double wishbone suspension

Radio plate: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machined

Shock absorbers: RCM SS shock absorbers

Fuel tank: 75cc design

Drive system: 4wd through kevlar reinforced timing belts

Clutch system: Centax-True Motion clutch system

Front axle: Gear Differential 748

Rear axle: Gear Differential 748

Gearbox: Lightweight XLi SL6 2-speed with interchangeable fine pitch gears

Weight: 1.595kg (depending on radio gear)

Max. speed: 105km/h +

Acceleration: 0-90km/h 3.0 seconds

Instructions: Full color instruction manual, reference guide

Not included: Engine and pipe, body, radio equipment, battery pack, tires


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