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Before Run and After Run Maintenance , How To Make DIY Parts
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by: ozgurcoteli
1. Drain the fuel tank (nitro).
If you own a nitro RC and you're planning to put it aside for another race day make sure that you drain the fuel tank. Not draining the fuel tank can cause condensation to build up inside the fuel tank resulting in serious damage to your nitro engine. Nitro fuel is alcohol-based and it is susceptible to moisture (water) mixing with the nitro fuel.

2. Clean and oil the air filter (nitro).
Whether racing on the race track or running around with your buddies, dirt and other debris can get stuck in the air filter. Clean your air filter periodically to keep your nitro engine at optimum performance.
Clean and oil the air filter (nitro).jpg
Clean and oil the air filter (nitro).jpg (14.23 KiB) Viewed 8705 times

3. Add after-run oil (nitro).
After a hard day at the track you're ready to put your nitro RC to bed. Don't forget to add after-run oil to the cylinder head to keep everything lubricated and ready for the next time you decide to race. Not doing so can cause serious damage to the cylinder head and your pocketbook.
after run oil.jpg

4. Check shocks/suspension.
Suspensions take a beating after doing long jumps, hair-pin turns, and other rough activities. Check your suspension and add oil to your shocks, if necessary.
Shock rebuild.jpg

5. Check screws.
Screws come loose over time. Even a couple of runs of a nitro engine at high speeds can shake loose screws, nuts, and bolts. Re-tighten loose screws. For screws that go into metal, if they aren't already coated with Loctite or another thread-locking compounding, add a coat of it to better secure the screws. For screws into plastic, make sure they fit snugly but don't overtighten or you risk stripping the plastic.

6. Charge battery packs.
If you are racing your RC the next day then removing the batteries is not necessary. But be sure to charge the battery pack(s) the night before or the day before you go racing so you will have all the charged batteries you need.

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