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Hello Everybody,

We are looking 2 admin for 2 forum :

One for the Aircraft Shed (All about aircrafts)
One for the Boats Harbor (Rc race boats and sailboats)
If you say YES i can do it , you can leave a message in the admin dialog box
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by: ozgurcoteli
Do you want MORE ? We give you PLUS !!

The E4RS III had just finished its first outdoor season and we already provide him some PLUSSES !

Indeed, after the multiple places in ETS A-finale obtained by Patrick Gassauer and Léo Arnold, and the Netherlands national title obtained by Rob Janssen, the E4RS III receive this automn a small update:

+++ steering +++ corner speed +++ predictable handling +++ success and victories! The E4RS III Plus is... a bit +++ than our E4RS III !

In comparison to the E4RS III released earlier this year, only few things really changed, more than 90% of the parts remained the same. Moreover, for the drivers already having a E4RS III, we decided to release an upgrade kit (TM507009).

The E4RS III+ is an update of the E4RS III, which already obtained numerous success since its release 8 months ago. The modifications are made to improve the precision of the car, to increase its corner speed and principally to improve its steering angle.

The E4RS III and E4RS III+ have been created and designed hand-in-hand with our drivers, mostly in France, Switzerland and Germany with the unique purpose to provide you an ultra performing out-of-box RC car !


+++ Chassis:

Entirely satisfied by the chassis shape of the E4RS III, we just modified his thickness and the FF arm mount position for the E4RS III+.

Indeed, after several months of tests, we observed the flex obtained with the 2.5mm is a little bit more versatile, and suits better to the most of the tracks.

The symmetric flex concept is obviously maintained, because it's a key aspect of the E4RS II and E4RS III series's excellent handling capabilities.

Flex optimisation:

The overall flex of the chassis as well as its control has been updated.

The more compact bulkheads and the new steering system provide a better flex distribution on a wider area.

The upper deck, 2mm higher, as well as the multiple fixation points allows for a better flex management.

Gear differential with composite gears:

The E4RS III and III+’s differential is a reference in gear diffs.

Delivered with 4 moulded composite satellite gears, this new ultra compact differential is very light and efficient.

The double gasket system ensures the differential’s perfect seal and the diff case is moulded with four unclosed screw holes in order to avoid any negative pressure under them for a greater durability of the screw thread in the main differential case.

Ultra stiff shock towers:

In order to optimize the work of the shock absorbers, we chose to fit the E4RS III and III+ with new ultra stiff shock towers.

These towers are made in High Grade 4.0mm Woven Graphite, a guarantee of rigidity and solidity.


Shock absorbers:

The E4RS III and III+'s shock absorbers have been improved, and we created a few new parts:

New shock body
New shock cap
New piston shaft guides
New spring setting collard
New optional spring cup
All this provides a better smoothness of movement, and a wider range of ride height setting.



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