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by: ozgurcoteli
Remote control helicopter is model aircraft similar to remote control plane. However, there are few notable differences. These differences refer to design, construction and aerodynamics. Also, there are few basic designs of remote control helicopters for sale, and not all of them are made for the same thing, because some are more maneuverable than others. Those more maneuverable are harder to control, of course, so they are usually used by professionals. Rc helicopters can have numerous controls. These controls are effected by servos. They usually have gyroscope sensor that is being used on the tail rotor control to counter wind- and torque-reaction-induced tail movement. With progress of technology, today, most remote control helicopters have gyro-stabilization enabled on other 2 axes of rotation. This kind of control design is most often reffered to as flybarless controller, because when you have this kind of control, you don’t need a mechanical flybar. Also, so-called “brushless” motors are today combined with a high-performance lithium polymer battery, and mix of these two gives professional maneuvering experience.

RC helicopters are most usually constructed of plastic, but also from glass-reinforced plastic, carbon fiber or aluminum. Their rotor blades are made of wood, fiberglass or carbon fiber. If you want to start maneuvering with your new assembled rc helicopter, you may have to wait because with some kits assembling can take as much as 20 hours. When you buy rc helicopters, you’ll find many parts that reseble those of their real-life counterparts. In fact, the construction of remote control helicopters is even more precise than for fixed-wing model aircraft, because helicopters tend to react on even smallest opstructions, and nothing should move them out of their way when they are flying. You can also have “toy-grade” remote control helicopter that is palm-sized. These kind of models tend to have very quick response to commands, and they may be hard to control for the first few days. Because of this, most rc helicopters either have electronic stabilizing equipment, thus making them easier to control and maneuver. They can also have different power sources, same as other rc models. So let’s take a look:


When engine is big and powerful enough, main rotor blade is large also, and it can turn faster, making the aircraft faster and bigger all together.Also, flight time for nitro helicopters is usually from 7 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, height that these of helicopters can achieve usually stops them from getting out of sight.



In the past, electric helicopters were usually used indoors, with bigger models being suited to the outdoors use as well. They are additionally powered with Li-Po battery, and their flight time can vary from 4 to 12 minutes, depending on the battery capacity and the way you fly them.



Pure simplicity of the controlling this kind of remote control helicopters is what made them perfect for begginers or those who just want to use rc hellies indoors, and not for maneuvring or competition. However, be careful because coaxial model is proven to be stable, it most often does not have high flying speed so you maybe can’t get as much fun from it as from other types of rc helicopter models.

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