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Hello Everybody,

We are looking 2 admin for 2 forum :

One for the Aircraft Shed (All about aircrafts)
One for the Boats Harbor (Rc race boats and sailboats)
If you say YES i can do it , you can leave a message in the admin dialog box
Race and other events
Jets Over Kentucky Week July 9th - 16th - 2017


Thanks to the city and citizens of Lebanon, The Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission, and the Lebanon Springfield Airport for their support of Jets Over Kentucky Week.

Jets Over Kentucky Week will offer even more excitement for 2017. Jets Over Kentucky drew 164 pilots and 10,000 spectators last year. We're expecting another large crowd, and pilots from all over the world to attend for 2017.

Uninterrupted flying for our pilots the entire week. Flying will begin each day at 8:00am and concludes at dark. All flying will be done from the main runway (5000 ft).

Jet Central our 2016 Platinum Plus Sponsor, has agreed to become a major sponsor again. With their participation, we will again be the "World's Grandest Jet Event!" We encourage our other sponsors to join us again for 2017. The sponsor notifications will go out early February. We are giving something very special to our sponsors for 2017, so please respond by the deadline.

The "Big Top Tents" have expanded to an amazing 240ft each, and the taxiway tents are already filled. That's a total of 48 10X40 slots! Pilots from 2016 have first choice for the taxiway tents. If you had a space there last year, It's yours again for 2017.

The link for the taxiway tents will be available mid February. Just click on the link, download the form, and mail it to me with your fees (300.00). You will not be able to access this link from RC Flightdeck; these are reserved spaces. Mail all forms to me; that way if someone pays for a space they should not have, I can refund it back to them. We don't want that problem again for 2017.

Failure to send in the form, will result in the loss of your space in the taxiway tent. Pilots with free space (courtesy of Jet Central and Lebanon Tourism), must pre-register by May 1st to keep that space. That includes all three Big Top Tents with free space. We have a 3rd Big Top Tent in the grass and parallel to the runway. Slots in the #3 Big Top will have a separate link for pilots renting space there. All tent and registration links will be on RC Universe, and Facebook soon.

A transport vehicle and trailer will be located at the #3 tent for moving aircraft to the flight line. We have plenty of space for all, so those new to the event shouldn't worry.

Pop up tents are also welcome, and will be placed in the grass area. No popup tents will be allowed on the taxiway.

We'll have additional pilot space in the #3 tent located in the grass area west of the taxiway. Pilots with free space will not have the entire slot to themselves. Depending on the number of aircraft, two or three pilots will share these accommodations. Pilots in all rental slots may choose to divide their slots with friends, or remain private.

Even more prizes, awards, and surprises for our pilots this year!
Friday night dinner is sponsored by Randy Clark (additional tickets 10.00). Thanks to Randy for helping our pilots have a great time!
Two Jet Central Engines, Four Spektrum Radios, Two JR Radios, Donated Kits and Accessories from sponsors.

Thursday evening swap meet at the cooperate hangar.

Saturday Night Awards Dinner will be catered by Chasers Restaurant. Many of our pilots have eaten there, and can attest for the great quality food served.

Fighter Jet Showdown, Sport Jet Showdown, 28 awards, Parade of Lights, Fireworks, T-28 Special,, and much more.


Pilot Registration : $62.00

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