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Race and other events
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by: ozgurcoteli

Jokerteam R/C Racing Club located in Bolzano, Italy have announced details of their 2017 Championship. The event, now in its twelfth year, is recognised as one of the most popular in the very north eastern part of Italy, close to the Austrian border. The Championship will feature the increasingly popular GT12 class and will consist of 8 rounds, starting on April 2nd, 2017 and wrapping up on September 10th, 2017. All rounds will be held at the traditional outdoor (asphalt) track in Bolzano which covers roughly 600 square meters and alternates a very fast section with a twisty and technical one.

CHAMPIONSHIP WINTER 2016-2017 scale 1/28
6 races, 1 discard [OR / AO = direction of travel of the track]

1st RACE OR 12/18/2016 disputed
2nd RACE 01.08.2017 AO disputed
3rd RACE 29/01/2017 OR disputed
4th RACE 02.19.2017 AO Held

5th RACE OR 03/05/2017
6th RACE 19.03.2017 AO

1st 03/26/2017 Recovery

8 races, 2 discards [OR / AO = direction of travel of the track]
1st RACE 04/02/2017 OR
2nd RACE 04.23.2017 AO
3rd RACE 05/14/2017 OR
4th RACE 11 / 06/2017 AO
5th RACE OR 02/07/2017
6th RACE 07.23.2017 AO
7th RACE OR 27/08/2017
8th RACE 09.10.2017 AO

1st recovery 24/09/2017
2nd recovery 08/10/2017
3rd 22/10/2017 Recovery

The Executive Council, which met in February 2017 approved the following rates valid for the 2017 season:

MEMBERSHIP 2017 (valid until 31/12/2017): € 90.-
SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP (Non-members, membership in the current season, etc.): to be evaluated in proportion
MEMBERSHIP JUNIOR 2017 (children under 16): € 50.-

€ 15.-
€ 25.-

Technical Regulations

The association organizes for the season 2017 an outdoor championship for the category "GT12" (1/12 scale) that will follow this race calendar .
GT12 Category:
Power supply with batteries lipo 1s
-engine> = 13.5T; Ratio Free
-timing (mechanical) Engine: Free
-ESC in "No-turbo" blinked
-gomme free compound, the use of additive is allowed

Contact Info

President of the association
Claudio G.

The Miniautodromo Jokerteam is located in Bolzano in via maso della Pieve 11 Here inside the sports area.

POINTER: 46.469546 N, 11.336715 E

"Motorway exit Bolzano-SOUTH continue towards Trento along the SS12 (via Einstein), the 3rd exit at the roundabout turn right towards the airport. Just past the railway underpass turn left.

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